Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ChRiStMaS.....In DeLtA!!!!

This weekend we had all the family in Delta for a great Christmas party. It's always fun to have everyone home. We played games, opened gifts and even had Santa visit! It's Bentlee's first Christmas so of course, she is more interested in the wrapping paper then the gift itself. Even though it's the Johnson's year off, this weekend felt just as warm as the traditional December 25th that we are use too. Thanks to everyone for making that weekend memorable!

Santa Baby...

Yah, Mo is just as excited....

And Bentlee is the most EXCITED!!!

Bentlee's first time meeting Santa

A White Wonderland

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bentlee's 1st Halloween!!

This Halloween was a blast! A few days before Halloween we went to the Rexburg trunk or treat as ballet dancers. We then took off to Boise to spend time with the cousin's, Halle and Lexie. There we had another trunk or treat, and we had to use the pumpkin costume after Bentlee loved the taste of her tutu! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Bentlee and Me

Cutest Pumpkin EVER!

This was her first Halloween
outfit, which she ate and ruined!

She painted her own pumpkin! (kinda)

"Smashing pumpkins"....cousin style!!!!!

All in all we had an AWESOME time. Having a child sure makes life fun and holidays more fun!!! We love you Bentlee:)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The other day we went on a hike up by Hiese hot springs with Bentlee. It was a small hike but fun with the small creek running down the side. I love the water in Idaho, it's like the crystal clear waters in the brita filter commercials. Bentlee was good. It got a little hot so we had to throw her blanket over her head. All in all, worth doing it again!
Bentlee's got cold feet!
Momma and Doddah!
I love this little girl!
Her legs were tired!

We really are good parents!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Newest Addition!!!

I am so excited to be able to finally show off our newest addition to our family....Bentlee Mae Hawkins, born May 17th @ 9:56 pm, weighing 7 lbs 2oz. We could not ask for a more beautiful daughter. This has the been the best journey I have ever experienced and although it took some time to have this little miracle join our family, I would do it over and over again. I love this little girl more than anything!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm In LoVe, I'm In LoVe, & I dOn'T cArE wHo KnOwS!!

I just wanted to send out a post to my husband. He left saturday for Portland, OR for the summer. I will hopefully be meeting up with him SOON. But, I just wanted to tell him how much I LOVE HIM. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky. He works so hard to provide for us and although I probably complain more than I should. I don't know what I would do without him. 

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Him......

1. Nobody can make me laugh as much as he does.
2.  He has some SEXY dance moves.
3. He SPOILS me rotten.
4. He puts EVERYONE & EVERYTHING before himself.
5. He is a hard  worker and very positive about life.
6. He puts up with me.
7. I know that when the time comes, he will the BEST father ever.
8. He has introduced me to MANY new experiences.
9. I know that he would do anything for me.
10. What can I say I LOVE THOSE LIPS!!!!!! 

I LOVE YOU BABE!!! Thanks for being the BEST HUSBAND!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

*****8 FAVORITES*******

I've been tagged: Here are the rules

1. Post rules on your blog
2. Answer the six '8' items
3. Let each person know by leaving them a comment

8 Favorite TV show.....(These are not in order)
2. American Idol
3. Oprah
4. Mentalist
5. Today show 
6. Desperate Housewives of Orange County
7. Everything on the Food network channel
8. The View

8 Things I did yesterday...
1. Ate breakfast
2. Worked out
3. Ate at P.F. Changs
4. Window shopped some boutiques 
5. Watched my father-in-law coach the 5A state championship game 
6. Hung out with the in-laws
7. Ate at Ihop
8. Went to bed

8 Things I am looking forward too...
1. Starting a family
2. Visiting my brother in Cedar and see my new little niece
3. Lake Powell
5. Staying in one place for 1 full year! NO MOVING
6. Pedicures
7. Trip with Mo
8. Going to Delta and being with my family for the summer

8 Favorite Restaurants...
1. MORTON'S (Best steak house EVER!!!!!)
2. Panera Bread
3. Atlanta Bread Company
4. Cozymels (Best mexican food EVER!!!!)
5. P.F. Changs
6. California Pizza Kitchen
7. Olive Garden
8. Great Harvest

8 Things on my wish list...
1. Summer to be over with, so that I can have my husband back!!!
2. Finding a house
3. Starting a family
4. Have LONG hair
5. shop everyday 
6. Move some place so that I will never have to see SNOW AGAIN!!!
7. Buy an Island
8. Live on that Island

8 People I Tag!!!
1. Angela
2. Ally
3. Shelby
4. Ashley
5. Janis
6. Andrea
7. Tasha
8. Karen

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I was sitting here tonight looking through all my old pics and came across these ones and thought really??? Did I have that bad of taste back in the day? So, this was my PROM DRESS!!! I know, try not to let the BOW suck you in. Back in september I was home for awhile. One weekend, one of my little sisters was trying to find a dress for an upcoming dance. I always let them know that they are MORE than welcome to wear my lovely dress. But, still my offer has not been taken up on. Brianne and I were sitting in the room trying to help her out by pulling out some of our old dresses. With 3 older sister there has to be at least one in there to wear. Finally, we came across both of our prom dresses. Now, to this day all my little sisters hate this dress. Seriously, I will never hear the end of it. Well, Brianne wanted us to try it on and show our parents. So, here we are trying on our old prom dresses. What can I say though, I loved this dress back in the day and probably thought the BOW could've been bigger. HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY!!! Danielle, this one is for you.